Thursday, February 27, 2014

For what do they exist?

Today is February 28, 2014…

I would like to discuss 2 points…
- One is about Laptop…
- The other is about Windows and iOS…

So let us go through my first point, Laptop... When laptops were launched in 1981, it had a 5 inch screen. 
Oh God... Just like a smartphone? Not exactly, 5 inch CRT monitor!!” 
Formerly laptops were mainly used for business and  by professionals; eventually it reached the hands of people on every corner of the world, and billions and billions of laptops are sold till date. Seeing the boom in laptop selling market many companies started producing laptops, whether it be a personal computer,  a gaming computer, a  mainframe computer or a notebook computer.

Now the domination of laptop in the electronic industry for the last four years is going to end. In my opinion 70% of laptop market would be vanished before 2016 and after that laptops will be moved to museums just like what happened to Cassettes and VCR. From the last decade onward tablet computers and mobiles are dominating our market, and from this decade mobiles; more practically mobiles in the sense of wearable gadgets like Glasses, watches, bracelets, pendant’s etc. Now I have a doubt... What should be after this? May be robot slave!!
Anyway what my point is that laptops have started vanishing and tablets are doing the job of laptops and in near future graphical editing, gaming and every other thing will be done using tablets. After that obviously laptops would be named as an object inside museum. This is a fact!! Sony has started this and every other laptop selling company may follow this, eventually the result will come before 2016.

What would you prefer? A dream home according to your preference or a ready-made home already build by an agency? My preference would always be a dream home. Why I am saying this is because Android is my dream home, where I can customize my phone according to my need. If I want any new feature i can just search on Play Store and install the same. So why would I prefer an iOS or a Windows Phone?
Most of them are telling about security thread in Android. Sure, that is a big factor. In my house I don’t want anybody to rob my belongings, so for that I should take some security measures; nonetheless I would never go for a house wrapped inside a hollow metallic sphere electrocuted and given to me by an agency.
In my opinion iOS has only a brand name. If an iPhone or iPad maker is not Apple, then i feel that it is not going to survive. Now what Apple has done is going to court against every other thing. They are actually a threat to innovation. Now let us come to Microsoft, actually what they are doing now is trying to become Google; they brought Bing, map, Mobile OS etc. Now at last they are going to cut off the price of their OS. 

Here I am not against what Microsoft is doing, I am thinking why Microsoft is doing this? If they are doing this to succeed in the market, then they should make it happen otherwise please don’t do it!