Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Smart Watch Is Only A Show Off

Why does someone ‘need’ a smart watch? And the answer is simple: for Show Off, that’s it. i don't think using a smart-watch does optimize the experience of using a phone.

Main draw back of existing Smartphone on market is Dependent: Many of the smart-watch best features rely on a having a smartphone nearby. For example, no smartphone equals no rich notifications or missed call alerts. You need to be within 30 feet of your smartphone to get those.The dependence on a nearby smartphone virtually erases all appeal the smart-watch might have. What's the point of having a smart-watch if it can't independently connect to the Internet for a variety of services

Another drawback of smart-watch is size, its tiny screen is too small to tap, typing something on watch is a very difficult. 

The smart-watch's battery life was another downside, since it needed to be recharge on at least every two days

So what i think is now buying a smart-watch is wasting of money. We can't do anything on watch than watching it. 

I will think a watch is really smart if only it guard us like our parent and treat us like our doctor.