Thursday, May 8, 2014

Who really wins in IT?

Finally, the winner will grab the trophy.

Winning depends on your attitude, time, tricks and a little bit of luck. Winning is not studying and passing an examination, but Winning is studying and applying the same. Winning is not coding and executing, but Winning is coding and solving the problem.

I always want to win, so I always think how I can win.

My first point is, when you try to solve a problem, and if u fail, there are three ways in front of you; either give up or give it another try or try the same in another method. Giving up is very easy and the worst is that you have failed there. Second is to try again, this is better, but chance of failure is 80%

Thursday, February 27, 2014

For what do they exist?

Today is February 28, 2014…

I would like to discuss 2 points…
- One is about Laptop…
- The other is about Windows and iOS…

So let us go through my first point, Laptop... When laptops were launched in 1981, it had a 5 inch screen. 
Oh God... Just like a smartphone? Not exactly, 5 inch CRT monitor!!” 
Formerly laptops were mainly used for business and  by professionals; eventually it reached the hands of people on every corner of the world, and billions and billions of laptops are sold till date. Seeing the boom in laptop selling market many companies started producing laptops, whether it be a personal computer,  a gaming computer, a  mainframe computer or a notebook computer.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Smart Watch Is Only A Show Off

Why does someone ‘need’ a smart watch? And the answer is simple: for Show Off, that’s it. i don't think using a smart-watch does optimize the experience of using a phone.

Main draw back of existing Smartphone on market is Dependent: Many of the smart-watch best features rely on a having a smartphone nearby. For example, no smartphone equals no rich notifications or missed call alerts. You need to be within 30 feet of your smartphone to get those.The dependence on a nearby smartphone virtually erases all appeal the smart-watch might have. What's the point of having a smart-watch if it can't independently connect to the Internet for a variety of services

Another drawback of smart-watch is size, its tiny screen is too small to tap, typing something on watch is a very difficult. 

The smart-watch's battery life was another downside, since it needed to be recharge on at least every two days

So what i think is now buying a smart-watch is wasting of money. We can't do anything on watch than watching it. 

I will think a watch is really smart if only it guard us like our parent and treat us like our doctor.